Aashiqana 3

Aashiqana 3

On Star Plus a Hindi Language Indian Drama named Aashiqana 3 is premiered. The main cast are Zayn Ibad Khan, Khushi Dubey, and Inderjeet Modi.


Someone killed Jaggi Raja’s son, and he accused Yash of being the perpetrator. However, Yash denied the accusation, stating that he hadn’t killed Jaggi’s son. Jaggi warned Yash that he would harm his family when he found the opportunity. Yash was deeply concerned about the safety of his family.

He knows that Jaggi Raja is a goon with many connections to other goons. Yash cannot fight with Jaggi, so Jaggi threatens him daily. Yash decided to shift his family to his farmhouse. However, he knows that Jaggi Raja’s goons are after him, and he is not in a condition to face this alone. Finally, he contacted his best friend Chikki to help his family.

She arrived in a car, and Yash also owns a car. Chikki is his best friend. Despite Yash’s efforts to clear his name, he failed. In the end, Jaggi Raja issued him the last warning. Yash realizes that he cannot escape from Jaggi now.

Chikki took the family in the cars and started traveling towards the farmhouse. All his goons also started chasing them. They have guns, and they are firing at them. Yash was afraid, and he doesn’t know about Chikki’s driving skills. But she is driving as an expert. Yash and Chikki’s phones are connected by Bluetooth.

Suddenly, a car hit Yash’s car tank, causing it to leak. Yash decided to change the route of the cars. At one point, Yash turned left, and Chikki turned right to distract the goons. Due to the firing of goons, Rajkumar was injured, and Chikki came and took all passengers in a car.

Yash was truly amazed by Chikki’s driving. Rajkumar wanted to leave her and go to save others, but Yash was not ready for this. They all reached the farmhouse safely. Yash was happy with Chikki’s sincerity. Rajkumari’s blood was bleeding due to the injury.

Chikki ran to take the Emergency box. But they all were amazed when they saw that there were no bandages in the box.  When Chikki in the side Yash came and ask a question to her about how she drove the car like an expert.

Chikki told him that she likes police and wants to join this force she applied for the test but she was not selected. But the passion is still in her veins and blood. Yash asks how she fired like a soldier. She told that she got training when she was applying to the police.

Chikki also can speak sign language. She is totally like an agent. Jaggi Raja sent one of his goons to check whether Yash is in the farmhouse or not.  Yash was impressed by her and he is trying to say something. His grandmother was noticing all this. She was angry that what he is doing at such a difficult occasion.

Chikki went to the pharmacy to take some medicine for Rajkumari. Before going to purchase medicines she told some wills about her family mother and grandmother.

She was also afraid due to goons. Yash is listening to her but his total attentions are on goons that nobody can damage her. Goons came in the pharmacy too. Chikki was surrounded by the goons. There were snippers also. Yash was confused about what to do.

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